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Feature Profiles

Feature Profiles are special works that illustrate extensive detail and examples of specific materials, features, themes, and artistic value.

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Historic Walking Stick Custom Carved Detail Closeup - Book Historic Walking Stick Custom Carved Detail Closeup - Flag Historic Walking Stick Custom Carved Detail Closeup

Brag Staffs

Cadusceus - Hand Carved for a Custom CaneHistoric Walking Stick Custom Carved Detail CloseupBrag staffs started with wittlers, usually soldiers, sailers, farmers or those with a little time to kill. They carfully carved a staff depicting their battles, voyages, a means to tell a story about their life.

The modern concept of a brag staff is much the same; its about showing off your skills, history, tidbits, facts, hobbies, or anything else you'd like to advertise on a stick!

Anyone with an interest can find a theme for a staff. Doctors can show their degree, their specialty, their achievements and perhaps even a caduceus.

Historic Walking Stick Custom Carved Detail Closeup - EagleInterests in history, the Civil War, or the Revolutionary War; one of Stanley's personal staff's shows his reenactment lifestyle.

Corporate Logo - Hand Carved for a custom cane used as an immunity staffFraternities, children, hobbies, work, any aspect of life. Even corporate themes such as this "immunity staff" given to the employee of the month as a creative symbol, relieving them from daily abuse while they poses's this empowered stick.

Vilanova Wildcats custom hand carved caneSports make an excellent staff theme, brag about your alma mater, support your home team, list your personal stats, and never be short of a conversation starter on the subject.

Anything works - pick your favorites and Artisans will create a unique and completely personalized staff.

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