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Feature Profiles

Feature Profiles are special works that illustrate extensive detail and examples of specific materials, features, themes, and artistic value.

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Mason's Staff's

Mason's Custom Cane with Symbolsim Closeup of Flag and Ball in CageMason's Custom Cane with Symbolsim Closeup 7Mason's Custom Cane with Symbolsim Closeup 8 Ball-in-cage and EyeMason's Custom Cane with Symbolsim Closeup 9 - Name

Mason Cane - Symbolic EyeGentleman’s fashion through the 1800’s into the earlier third of the 20th century dictated the requirement of a cane with any formal attire.  Popularity soared especially amongst veterans and members of fraternal organizations, such as the Freemasons. 


Albert Stevens’s Cyclopedia of Fraternities (New York, 1907) estimates that nearly 10 million, of the 76 million turn of the century US population, were members of fraternal organizations. Presented to commemorate, such as the Boston Post traditional presentation of a cane to the oldest citizen of a town, carried as functional supports and means of defense, or coveted as family heirlooms, canes have been part of American society for several hundred years.

Mason Staff - Closeup Group of Walkingstick Feature Photos

Not only are canes necessary to ceremony and ritual, members express pride in their groups, military, political, patriotic, religious, sister and brotherhoods, etc through personal possessions. Canes, scepters, and staffs depicted events surrounding the fraternity, many ornately decorated with insignias, symbolism, life events, and badges of honor for the organization.


Mason's Custom Cane with Symbolsim Closeup 1The use of canes as fashion turned towards bragging staffs, lovingly carved or inscribed with details of the life of its bearer. The famous list of canes in the Phoenixmasonry Masonic Museum each illustrate this tradition, providing insight into the life and history of past Masons such as Robert E. Lee, who’s staff depicted the accomplishments of his distinguished military career.


Artisans offers an extensive array of custom details to create a unique and specialized cane, staff, or walking stick. Using hand carving, wood burning, painting, tinting, embossing, and inlay.



Mason's Custom Cane with Symbolsim Closeup 2Mason's Custom Cane with Symbolsim Closeup 3Mason's Custom Cane with Symbolsim Closeup 4Mason's Custom Cane with Symbolsim Closeup 5



Mason's Custom Cane with Symbolsim Shaft 1


Mason's Custom Cane with Symbolsim Shaft 2

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