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Feature Profiles

Feature Profiles are special works that illustrate extensive detail and examples of specific materials, features, themes, and artistic value.

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Custom Cobra Wizard Walking Stick - Snake Head with Jewell CloseupA Wizard's Staff

Fantasy is part of everyone's world in some way, shape, or form. Imagination fuels artwork and creativity; sometimes when you let it loose the result is a Wizard's staff.

This staff's origin was a in fact a living evil wizard who's magical power surpassed even his own expectations. Dominating the earth for centuries known as the dark ages.

Custom Cobra Wizard Walking Stick - Snake Back Skull CloseupCustom Cobra Wizard Walking Stick - Snake Back CloseupCustom Cobra Wizard Walking Stick - Front Snake Head CloseupCustom Cobra Wizard Walking Stick - Jewell Closeup

A taste for evil power is never fulfilled, and although the great wizard possessed and drew an enormous amount of power from the magical crystal. The crystal was trapped, possessed and restrained adorning his staff. The wizard tormented it, constantly employing its power to impact his every desire on the world. Yet he desired and yearned for more, never finding contentment.

Custom Cobra Wizard Walking StickFinally his desires outweighed his judgment, and he, while consumed by his lust, set to consume the source of his power. Were he to draw the crystal inside him, he would be immersed in the raw essence of the energy emerging from the pure crystal.

The wizard cast a dark spell, turning himself into a cobra, and set forth to swallow the crystal. He slowly slid himself up the staff and began to consume the crystal. This was the chance for the crystal to regain its freedom, and at the moment just before it was ingested the crystal choked the cobra.

The struggle began, and after weeks of wreathing and twisting the snake succumbed to the crystals resistance. Unable to swallow, unable to regurgitate - the crystal remained lodged in the snakes mouth and with a final blow turned the snake to a staff.

The crystal now controlled the evil wizard, and the barer of the staff now wields, but must carefully balance the power of both.

Custom Cobra Wizard Walking Stick - Stan Saperstein Posing


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